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March 9, 2015 at 1:07 PMElecta Live

On March 8, 2015 we started publishing our new Mac OS version of the virtual classroom for our MAC users. This is a new native Mac OS application which DOES NOT use Java anymore.

All users running an OS X 10.7 and above will be offered to launch the new app the next time they try attending a live session.

The new application is available for download here:

All first-time users will be prompted to install the app.

All users who prefer to use the old Java version can do so following the link on the launch page.

In addition to the improved interface we have introduced all the features that were not available in the Java version but could be found in the Windows application. Now MAC users can benefit from the full functionality of Electa Live.

We have also introduced playback of local el8 files, which was not available in the Java version.

If you need help and support please do not hesitate to contact Electa Live Support here:

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