Electa Live Virtual Classroom Update About to be Complete

April 15, 2014 at 7:23 PMElecta Live

As earlier announced in a previous blog post from March 20th 2014 we started upgrading our Windows user to non-java session entry points. This update process has almost completed and most of our Windows users are now using the non-java entry points to enter Electa Live sessions. 

Along with the new entry points we are shipping an updated version of the virtual classroom plug-in. Here are some of the changes:

- A moderator shortcut to toggle speaking permissions to all users at once. This option is available from the “Audio” item on the main menu bar.

- A new moderator option to grant whiteboard access to all users at once. The option is available from the “Whiteboard” item on the main menu bar.

- Improved overall appearance on Windows 8 platforms using high resolution

- Fixed a bug while screen sharing on Windows 8 platforms running on high resolution (more than 96 DPI).

- Improved screen sharing performance and quality.

- Added 640x480 px option for live video broadcasting. 

-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you need help or any additional information regarding this upgrade please contact Electa Live Support here: www.support.e-lecta.com

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