Electa Live Virtual Classroom for iPad and iPhone Now Available

January 17, 2014 at 8:48 PMElecta Live

We have some great news for you today! 

Our iPad/iPhone app is now available on the App Store for all your students and attendees. 

With Electa Live for iPad/iPhone you can:

- Attend Electa Live sessions from an email invitation or from a link right from your mobile web browser, or by specifying an event ID.
- Listen and participate in the conversations via the built-in VOIP capability. 
- The attendees panel enables users to see who else is attending the meeting.
- View the meeting content including slides, pages, images, whiteboard markup and pointers. 
- View live screen shares from presenter’s computer.
- View guided web tours. 
- Submit session notes.
- Interact within the session through the use of the gestures toolbar and text chat with presenters and participants.

How to Attend an Electa Live Class or Event:

- Log into your mobile web browses (as if on a regular computer) and access your live sessions as you usually do. 
- The site will take you to the App Store to download free Electa Live App the first time you try to attend a live session.

- Alternatively - start the App and enter the event ID as sent to you by your session host; If required, specify a display name or a username and password.

You can also attend a live session by clicking on the link in the email invitation sent to you. 

Play back of prerecorded Electa Live sessions is also supported and will be enabled early next week.

More fantastic updates coming soon.

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