RackSpace to Store Recorded Sessions of Electa Live Customers!

September 26, 2013 at 1:15 PMElecta Live

During the last week (Sep 18 2013 – Sep 24 2013) we have shifted our recorded sessions cloud storage from our former provider Nirvanix to a new faster unlimited storage provided by RackSpace. All Electa Live customers will now experience even faster downloads... and of course we will continue to provide unlimited space for all of our customers.

This shift was carried during the past week as Nirvanix unexpectedly warned its customers of terminating its services leaving them almost no time to migrate: (http://www.informationweek.com/cloud-computing/infrastructure/nirvanix-tells-cloud-storage-customers-m/240161429?itc=edit_in_body_cross)

Our engineers had to transfer several terabytes (TB) of recordings from the old storage to the new one. This huge move had to be done fast and without any disruptions to our customers. The process involved multiple computers working together to ensure undisturbed access to our services. Task was completed for about one week and all recordings are now hosted in their new location.

How this will affect you:

All your recordings are already transferred safely to the new storage.

You can still continue playing your recordings from your control panel without any changes.

Any “playable links” links that have been extracted and published on websites or sent to users by email before Sept 24the will continue to play till mid October. After that they will expire automatically and new links have to be extracted.

All new “playable” or “downloadable” links that are extracted after September 24 2013 will be life time.

At the moment we have disabled the “expiry time” option for links as this is currently not supported by the RackSapce cloud storage.

All other virtual classroom and online collaboration services are unaffected and functioning normally.


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