Unbeatable Virtual Classroom Pricing For Online Schools With One-On-One Tutoring Sessions.

March 28, 2013 at 6:37 AMElecta Live

Electa Live has introduced a new pricing model for schools and businesses doing one-on-one tutoring sessions. We now provide cost effective packages for one-one-one online training especially designed for organizations having multiple teachers with this kind of tutorials.

Why pay for large virtual classrooms and use just 2 seats? You can now get a set of 5 virtual classrooms for as low as US$49.90 / month, or a package of 10 classrooms for US $89.90 / months, or even a package of 30 classrooms for just US$199.90 per month.

That is not all however! In addition you get absolutely free virtual classroom integration API access to link your virtual classrooms directly to your website so that your students and teachers have their online training sessions on your website. The above packages also put no limits on how many teachers you can keep in your database and of course as usually – no limits on usage.

Have as many live online training sessions as needed, as many times per day as you want.

If interested in getting a package of multiple virtual classrooms for one-on-one tutoring and training please contact Electa Live or visit our website www.e-lecta.com

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