New Electa Live for MAC OS Now Here

March 9, 2015 at 1:07 PMElecta Live

On March 8, 2015 we started publishing our new Mac OS version of the virtual classroom for our MAC users. This is a new native Mac OS application which DOES NOT use Java anymore.

All users running an OS X 10.7 and above will be offered to launch the new app the next time they try attending a live session.

The new application is available for download here:

All first-time users will be prompted to install the app.

All users who prefer to use the old Java version can do so following the link on the launch page.

In addition to the improved interface we have introduced all the features that were not available in the Java version but could be found in the Windows application. Now MAC users can benefit from the full functionality of Electa Live.

We have also introduced playback of local el8 files, which was not available in the Java version.

If you need help and support please do not hesitate to contact Electa Live Support here:

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Electa Live Virtual Classroom Update About to be Complete

April 15, 2014 at 7:23 PMElecta Live

As earlier announced in a previous blog post from March 20th 2014 we started upgrading our Windows user to non-java session entry points. This update process has almost completed and most of our Windows users are now using the non-java entry points to enter Electa Live sessions. 

Along with the new entry points we are shipping an updated version of the virtual classroom plug-in. Here are some of the changes:

- A moderator shortcut to toggle speaking permissions to all users at once. This option is available from the “Audio” item on the main menu bar.

- A new moderator option to grant whiteboard access to all users at once. The option is available from the “Whiteboard” item on the main menu bar.

- Improved overall appearance on Windows 8 platforms using high resolution

- Fixed a bug while screen sharing on Windows 8 platforms running on high resolution (more than 96 DPI).

- Improved screen sharing performance and quality.

- Added 640x480 px option for live video broadcasting. 

-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you need help or any additional information regarding this upgrade please contact Electa Live Support here:

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New Java Free Entry Points Coming Soon...

March 20, 2014 at 8:42 AMElecta Live

As you may already know Electa Live is supported on multiple platforms - Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android phones and tablets. Earlier this year we have added support for Apple iPads and iPhones.

To enable fast and easy access to live sessions Electa Live uses a set of different approaches. One such option for Windows users has been Java.

During the past months however Java has been blocked by many browsers for security reasons. Because of this we have started a process of shifting away from Java as a launch option for our users.

Our software team has successfully developed a new secure and faster entry procedure for our Windows users. This entry point does not use Java. We have already started shifting our existing customers to this easier session launch method. This has already been set in effect for all new customers that are signing up after March 10 2014.

All existing customers will be automatically updated to the new improved entry procedure within the next two months. No service disruptions are expected, nor any changes in exiting schedules or libraries.

As of now this process will cover Windows users only. MAC OS users will still need Java to run live sessions. This however is a subject to change later this year after the release our new MAC OS application for teachers and students which will be available for free download in the Apple MAC Store.

Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) users already have a secure and Java free entry point using the free Electa Live app from Google Play and App Store.

For any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact our support team at

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Electa Live Virtual Classroom for iPad and iPhone Now Available

January 17, 2014 at 8:48 PMElecta Live

We have some great news for you today! 

Our iPad/iPhone app is now available on the App Store for all your students and attendees. 

With Electa Live for iPad/iPhone you can:

- Attend Electa Live sessions from an email invitation or from a link right from your mobile web browser, or by specifying an event ID.
- Listen and participate in the conversations via the built-in VOIP capability. 
- The attendees panel enables users to see who else is attending the meeting.
- View the meeting content including slides, pages, images, whiteboard markup and pointers. 
- View live screen shares from presenter’s computer.
- View guided web tours. 
- Submit session notes.
- Interact within the session through the use of the gestures toolbar and text chat with presenters and participants.

How to Attend an Electa Live Class or Event:

- Log into your mobile web browses (as if on a regular computer) and access your live sessions as you usually do. 
- The site will take you to the App Store to download free Electa Live App the first time you try to attend a live session.

- Alternatively - start the App and enter the event ID as sent to you by your session host; If required, specify a display name or a username and password.

You can also attend a live session by clicking on the link in the email invitation sent to you. 

Play back of prerecorded Electa Live sessions is also supported and will be enabled early next week.

More fantastic updates coming soon.

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Unbeatable Virtual Classroom Pricing For Online Schools With One-On-One Tutoring Sessions.

March 28, 2013 at 6:37 AMElecta Live

Electa Live has introduced a new pricing model for schools and businesses doing one-on-one tutoring sessions. We now provide cost effective packages for one-one-one online training especially designed for organizations having multiple teachers with this kind of tutorials.

Why pay for large virtual classrooms and use just 2 seats? You can now get a set of 5 virtual classrooms for as low as US$49.90 / month, or a package of 10 classrooms for US $89.90 / months, or even a package of 30 classrooms for just US$199.90 per month.

That is not all however! In addition you get absolutely free virtual classroom integration API access to link your virtual classrooms directly to your website so that your students and teachers have their online training sessions on your website. The above packages also put no limits on how many teachers you can keep in your database and of course as usually – no limits on usage.

Have as many live online training sessions as needed, as many times per day as you want.

If interested in getting a package of multiple virtual classrooms for one-on-one tutoring and training please contact Electa Live or visit our website

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New Virtual Classroom Pricing and Plans Available Now

March 15, 2013 at 8:26 PMElecta Live
It is March 15th and our long-waited virtual classroom website update is now on! But it is not just the facelift…. We have new configurations and plans of our online training software at lower cost. Just look at the new virtual classroom pricing options for individuals.

There is also a pleasant surprise for our business customers with multiple teachers and classrooms just look at the business plans here: Here is the updated page of our online training software for schools and unversities.

All Tutor Edition and Easy Meetings customers have already been updated with the new configurations. The lower prices have been applied automatically. 

If you are a business customer with multiple classrooms and teachers please review our new business options and let us know if you wish to switch to any of these. If you are happy with your current configuration then don’t worry it will remain available for you as long as you needed it.

As always if you need help or details our knowledgeable staff will be waiting for you. Email is here:

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Virtual Classroom for Android Phones and Tablets

February 7, 2013 at 4:42 AMElecta Live

On Feb 5 2013 Electa Live has released an Android phone and tablet version of the virtual classroom software. 

Now you can teach, learn and collaborate with Electa Live on your Android Phone and Tablet! Electa Live 8 is a virtual classroom and an online collaboration environment for live online teaching and web conferences with live audio, screen sharing, guided presentations and web tours.

This Android version of the virtual classroom enables you to attend, host and interact in eLecta Live virtual classes and web conferences. The application is available free on Google Play. You can download and install the application using the following link from your mobile device:

With eLecta Live for Android you can:

- Attend full featured eLecta Live sessions from an email invitation or from a link right from your mobile web browser 

- Listen and participate in the conversations via the built-in VOIP capability 

- The attendees panel enables users to see who else is attending the meeting and what they are doing.

- View the meeting content including slides, pages, images whiteboard markup and pointers. 

- View live screen shares from presenter’s computer be it a Windows, Apple or Linux. Zoom shared content. 

- View guided web tours.

- Interact within the session through the use of the gestures toolbar and text chat with presenters and participants

- Attend breakout rooms for individual collaboration

Don't have an Electa Live Account? 

Electa Live 8 for Android lets you join live classes and meetings run by anyone with an Electa Live account. If you want to run your own meetings for others to join from their computers or mobile devices, sign up for a trial here:

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Virtual Classroom Software – Making Online Learning and Training Easier!

January 11, 2013 at 6:33 AMElecta Live

These days, the demand for virtual classroom software is going high. This has made online teaching much easier and a more enjoyable experience both for the students and for the teachers. As far as the virtual classroom is concerned, it offers a perfect atmosphere or environment for your online training. It also delivers a pleasant feeling of being present in such a classroom that is quite interactive, effective and perfect. It’s the modern technology called as the internet which has made this thing possible for the students and allowing them to go through their study materials in a more interactive way. This type of software is also used by different companies and businesses in order to train their employees with the required materials in an affordable way. In this way, business owners can now cut off the cost for appointing a real trainer for the purpose and save more money.

Now you can find different
virtual classroom software which are loaded with the best learning-practices and backed up strongly by the power of the world wide web that is offering the most dynamic and valuable learning platform for the learners. If you will compare the virtual classroom software with the conventional method of training, then you can find that the first one has some sure sort advantages which are offered to learners and this is why it is also growing as a trend to follow when it’s all about learning things and to go through proper training procedure. This trend is also known as e-learning and all set to deliver you several advantages which you may not receive while going through conventional training procedures. The use of virtual classroom software can really save more money and time for you. Well, the mantra behind the use of such software is to Get Perfect Information, To Deliver it before the Right User and in Right Time.

This type of software helps you to make the best use of the internet and to utilize its power for your learning programs. With the use of virtual classroom software, you can also get more international and national students enrolling with your learning programs. You can also improvise their participation and enhance their performance quotients.
Quality virtual classroom software can really help you to add real-time and live interaction when it’s all about making a distance learning program successful.

· Full duplex voice that appears to be crystal clear and delivered through the internet
· Video conferencing of great quality
· Desktop and application sharing
· Synchronous whiteboards

Advantages of virtual classroom software:
· It can reduce your traveling time, communication and infrastructure cost
· It delivers such online training sessions which appear to be loaded with true classroom interaction
· You can also record the training sessions and can use them later to leverage the value
· It can be used by the businesses in order to enhance empower their employees in sharing the knowledge about different subjects and works
· It also offer users an easy access to a vast knowledge repository

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Electa Live is Lifting the Storage Limits

December 19, 2012 at 6:57 AMElecta Live

Great News!!!!! Unlimited Space, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Recordings! eLecta Live will be lifting all storage limits on libraries, files and recordings effectively on Jan 1 2013. Our new cloud technology allows us to break all limits and provide all our customers with unlimited space and usage. Enjoy your eLecta live Sessions.

Electa Live provides virtual classroom software and online teaching solutions.

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Top 5 Ways of Using a Virtual Classroom Solution

December 12, 2012 at 2:23 PMElecta Live

The possibilities are almost endless, with users only limited by their imaginations. Some of the most common applications of a virtual classroom software are:

1. Live Instruction

Traditional distance learning programs have low completion rates as students are left to learn on their own with a feeling of isolation. Today’s online teachers need a method to communicate to students in an effective and pedagogically sound manner, one-on-one or one-to-many. Studies show that the ideal solution is a blended learning model with asynchronous and synchronous interaction.

2. Meetings

With eLecta Live, you can easily and effectively host web based meetings, significantly reducing teleconferencing and travel costs and decreasing time away from job.
Teachers and administrators save significant amounts per year by not having to travel long distances for meetings and professional development. And this doesn’t take into effect the elimination of the cost of substitute teachers for those on the road.

3. Asynchronous Content Development

With eLecta Live, you can create asynchronous content using the interactive record and playback functionality. For example, you can record student orientation sessions or add a recorded welcome to your virtual classroom prior the first day of class. In addition, students can view interactive recordings of your classes if they’ve missed a session or just to reinforce learning and help retain knowledge.

4. Tutoring Programs

Whether provided by instructors or peers, tutoring via eLecta Live offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one to get questions answered or receive help with homework or other assignments. Sessions can be scheduled, or students can drop into to an existing virtual room to connect with the tutor. The Electa Live Online Training Software is ideal for implementing your online tutoring programs.

5. Classroom Collaboration
Collaboration at a distance connects students from different locations and cultures to enhance the learning experience. Students from United Kingdom collaborated with students from China in a course about international architecture.

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